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End of year Checklist
  • 1. Reconcile every bank accounts (Jan - Dec)
  • 2. Reconcile credit card accounts (Jan - Dec)
  • 3. Record transactions that were not paid for with the checking account or credit card.
  • 4. Make sure you have invoiced your customers for goods or services.
  • 5. Review unpaid balances in your Accounts Receivables.
  • 6. Review all expense categories to make sure expenses are in correct account. 
  • 7. Make sure you have W9's for your contractors so you can file a 1099 form.
Time to Create a Budget  
  Pros: Easy to Create in QuickBooks

  • ​1. Able to monitor monthly operations
  • 2. Limits expenditures
  • 3. Creates a financial path
  • 4. Plan for growth in future
  • 5. Keeps Information Accurate